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Work with the best Web3 teams in the space.


Helping organizations succeed with web3 native collaboration tools.

Bankless Africa

Educating, onboarding and informing everyday Africans about bitcoin,Defi,DAOs,web3 etc

Merit Circle

Investing, gaming, building and trading in web3.

ClubRare DAO

ClubRare DAO is the accelerator for Phygital NFT creators.


✺ curate ✺ NFTs, Tweets, Videos, Tokens, Articles, Songs... you get the idea

Layer2 DAO

Layer2DAO invests in promising L2 ecosystem projects.


PeopleDAO is a metaDAO governed by $PEOPLE . From the people, To the people, For the people. (📜,🤝)


an ecosystem that is educating, networking & transforming physical creations 2 digital assets🍏

Unlock Protocol

Unlock is a decentralized protocol for memberships.


Web3 Digital Marketing Data Service Provider, focus on DID & Web3 Digital Marketing Tools


Empowering traders with powerful & decentralized infrastructure. Trade & stake to earn rewards, and vote on the future of dydx


Gitcoin is where the world's leading web3 projects are born, validated & funded.

Prime DAO

Building tools that turn DeFi into a cooperative ecosystem. #DAO2DAO products and services.


The Perpetual Commodity Vaults Protocol

Talent DAO

Unlock talent | Decentralize knowledge | #DeSci DAO Building the Journal of Decentralized Work


Uniting the best analytical minds in the space to build the future of crypto analytics.


Breadchain is a collective federation of decentralized cooperative projects looking to forge solidarity through blockchain to advance a progressive vision for the technology and its effect on society.

40acres DAO

40acres is the premier social impact DAO for building self sustaining communities of color using blockchain tech.

Blu3 DAO

🦋 making the impossible, possible. ✨ a DAO focused on empowering women & non-binary people to earn, learn & play in web3 via mentorship, community & funding


Validator Enterprise Building a Decentralized Network of Governance Contributors